*6 OF WANDS - 16 juni 2018

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6 of Wands - Meaning

An air of self confidence arrives with the glorious 6 of Wands! You are riding out of a situation placed on your “high horse.” This is a card about public recognition, a higher status symbol, or recognition for a victory well-earned. You clearly have the upper hand in this situation. If it has not come to a closure yet, know that soon it will, and you will be the victor wearing the wreath. This could mean someone famous entering in your life, or even your chance of becoming famous!


The 6 of Wands shows a man on a horse, wearing a wreath that is the Tarot’s symbol for victory. He is surrounded by acclaim and attention, and is quite joyous over recent events. This card brings with it the message that you have experienced a personal victory, one that puts a smile on your face and has you receiving lauds and attention for your efforts. This card can even suggest a higher status, or an elevated status in your life due to your victory at hand. This card is definitely the upper hand card. If the 6 of Wands appears, you have won the upper hand and are being quite admire for it!



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